Sex Dolls Australia

Sex dolls are a fetish product whose promotion encourages misogyny and sexual entitlement among men who use them. They objectify women and harm women, as demonstrated by global research.

In Australia, child-like sex dolls are classified as tier 2 goods under the Customs Act and are illegal to import or possess. Offenders face a minimum penalty of 10 years in prison.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll, also known as a love doll or silicone sex doll, is essentially a doll that looks and feels like a human body. It can be used for sexual stimulation and is available in both male and female styles, as well as gender non-conforming models. The dolls can vibrate, and some have removable heads.

Most sex dolls are made of either silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials provide a good mix of durability and lifelike feel. They are not cheap, however, and quality does vary.

The sex doll market is not for everybody, though. There is still a strong stigma around the toys. The dolls are sold to single men and women, couples, as well as people with disabilities or parents of disabled children who need a companion.

Those who are interested in sex dolls should choose a supplier that offers a money-back guarantee, high-quality products, and customer service. The best suppliers also offer a variety of accessories, including cleaning and maintenance tools, as well as a secure storage solution for the doll.

How do Sex Dolls Work?

The most advanced sex dolls are designed to respond to touch, with sensors detecting pressure on erogenous zones such as the hips, breasts, mouth and crotch. They can also detect when the user is about to ejaculate and moan as they reach simulated orgasm.

Many sex doll owners role play with their silicone companions, posting pictures of them doing chores in their kitchen in T-shirts and panties, snowboarding in sporty gear, or lounging poolside in string bikinis. Some even narrate X-rated tales of passion and pleasure.

However, the rise of sex dolls has come with increased concern by lawmakers and law-enforcement agencies. It is believed that sex dolls can encourage patterns of escalation from child pornography to contact offending with children by providing a bridge between fantasy and reality.

Are Sex Dolls Illegal?

Sex dolls Australia that appear to be a young child or girl are illegal to buy and own in Australia. This is because they are considered to be child abuse material and the purchase of them can result in up to ten years in jail. Australian Border Force officers at airports and mail facilities are actively targeting these sex dolls and investigating those who attempt to import them.

In September 2019, new laws came into effect making it a Commonwealth offence to possess child-like sex dolls and parts. This is because they are viewed as encouragement for paedophiles to commit sexual offences.

Dolls that appear too small are also deemed to be illegal as they can cause serious physical and psychological harm to children who see them. This is why most manufacturers have a height limit and only sell life-sized dolls or smaller if they are specifically for adult use. If a seller is selling a doll that appears to be too small, customers should contact the manufacturer and ask for clarification.

What Do Sex Dolls Cost?

The price of a sex doll can vary a lot. There are four key factors that will determine its cost. These include the material, the size, and how realistic it feels. Quality also plays a role in the price.

The most common type of sex doll consists of TPE or silicone. These are the industry standards and offer the most realistic feel for users. Rubber or latex are cheap alternatives but they break down quickly and smell badly after repeated use. They are also porous and pose a risk to health because bacteria or fungi can get trapped inside.

In addition, the bigger and more detailed a love doll is, the more expensive it will be. This is because more materials are required to build it. In addition, a lifelike doll requires sculpting and painting which takes time. This is a big reason why top-quality dolls from leading manufacturers are the most expensive. But, they are well worth it for lovers seeking a realistic and long-lasting experience.