Planning Is Key When Building Washing

Washing commercial buildings requires good planning to ensure you are washing at hours that suit your clients / tenants and that access is available for the duration of the clean. A Site Safe Working at Height course is a must for anyone looking to conduct building wash work.

Having knowledge of water blasting equipment, different washing methods for different commercial surfaces is essential. Also, understanding the appropriate chemicals to use for each job is key.


Large building washing jobs such as commercial roof wash jobs, require the use of a 1.2 to 1.6m high pressure water blasting hose with standard trigger attached. The correct type of hose is essential to minimise kinks and ensure the nozzle can’t be accidentally dropped and turned on spraying out of control and potentially causing damage, injury and flooding. A 2 wire hose is ideal for this as it’s designed to hold up well when driven over by vehicles and minimise blowouts.

Correct assessment of the building at quote stage is essential to establish what areas may be affected by various types of dirt, mould and deterioration so that correct cleaning methods can be used and client expectations managed. This also helps in communicating any potential issues back to the client as they are being washed to avoid costly reactive maintenance.


Getting rid of abrasive contaminants like salt, oil and diesel dust from the walls of a commercial building helps minimise corrosion. This prevents the need for expensive reactive maintenance and also improves air quality within a premises.

Correct assessment of the building prior to quote will help a commercial builder wash operator convey any issues / areas to be mindful of back to the client and manage realistic expectations. It will also ensure that the right cleaning method is used case by case, be it soft chem washing for painted surfaces or water blasting on cladding.

Access equipment to reach high building walls is a must for any commercial building wash job. It’s important to use a reputable access hire company that has the training and experience to advise on the type of EWP required for each job.


Clear and mark free windows enhance a shop or office and are an indicator to clients that the business takes pride in its professional image. Washing windows can be a challenge as they often need to be reached at heights and access equipment is required, so having an EWP license along with proper safety gear and a good understanding of water blasting, soft washing and window cleaning technique is key. Correct assessment of the building at the quote stage is also important to establish any areas to be mindful of and convey this back to the client to manage expectations.

Using purified / deionised water filtration minimises window water spots as tap water contains various minerals and salts that can leave streaks on glass. This helps to ensure that the windows dry completely and are left spotless.


Signage is a big part of commercial branding and requires regular maintenance. Washing your signage every 6 to 12 months keeps them clean, looking good and prolongs the life of the signs by 25% by removing mould, algae and pollution which eats into the surface.

Correct assessment of the building at the quote stage is also important to convey any issues / staining / degradation etc back to the client and manage realistic expectations. It’s also a great way to show your clients that you care about their property and their image.

To do this correctly you will need a commercial cleaning license and specialised water blasting equipment for different surfaces, heights safety and soft washing techniques. You should also have a thorough understanding of windows and glass, abseiling and confined spaces.

Retail Sites

Retail sites can be challenging – particularly when it comes to accessing glass cladding or washing the front of buildings. Planning is key in arranging cleaning times that suit the client and managing realistic expectations. It’s also important to assess the building at quote stage and convey any issues / staining / degradation / wood rot / bubbling paint etc back to clients. This will help manage expectations and avoid any surprises during the wash process.

Whether you’re looking for commercial building wash in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand, we can help. We have the experience, training and equipment to ensure your site makes a great impression.