Wedding Photographer in Wellington

Capture your precious moments on camera with the help of the best wedding photographers in Wellington. These experienced professionals have the personality and a keen eye for details to give you memorable images.

Auburn Photography focuses on capturing the joy and romance of your special day. They also offer a variety of wedding packages for different budgets.

August & Vine

Relaxed, intimate and authentic wedding photography that captures the unique beauty in your love story. Based in Wairarapa & Wellington – available nationwide.

A talented and trusted photographer is a must for every couple planning their big day. You want a photographer who will not only take beautiful photos but also provide you with an unforgettable experience. You deserve a photographer who will understand your style, soul and emotion and will be there to help you create epic moments that will last a lifetime.

The wine farm wedding trend is growing in popularity in South Africa. This is due to the idyllic scenery, favourable exchange rate and fantastic wines on offer. This area is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists and locals alike. The area has many wedding venues and vineyards that are licensed for nuptial ceremonies and receptions. These venues can be found in the rolling countryside outside Cape Town.

Auburn Photography

It is perhaps unusual for an artist to work with one of their sculptors, but Auburn’s use of Pardington’s works within her own photographic practice is a compelling example. She encapsulates the essence of Pardington’s still life oeuvre with a series of photographs that are at once homages and appropriations.

The photographs themselves are reminiscent of the carte-de-visite and cabinet card formats popular from the mid-to late 1800s, with their prints mounted on cards of various sizes that were widely distributed. Auburn’s use of gorse for example alludes to the Cemetery and the local Wellington site where she rides her horse, and also Pardington’s interest in using the plant.

But Auburn is also at liberty to introduce some ironic aesthetic distance in the way she presents these homages. In one instance she responds to a wax and plaster fungus in Pardington’s Champignons Barla with a plastic air freshener in the shape of a mushroom. This is a masterful illustration of semiotics in action, and raises the question of authorship, appropriation and interpretation.

Michelle Davies Photography

Your wedding photos are more than just a memento of your big day, they’re the start of a new chapter of your relationship and tell your unique story. That’s why you need to choose a photographer who can connect with you and capture the little moments that make your story so special, like a sideways glance or a giggle.

Michelle Davies Photography has a natural style and loves to capture genuine happiness, preserving these candid moments for a lasting narrative. She’s a dedicated professional who takes time to get to know her clients before the wedding day to ensure an seamless experience.

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How to Choose the Best Waterproof Cases

Whether you’re on a day at the beach or hiking in the woods, a waterproof case is a great investment. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one?

This two-piece case clips together over your phone to keep it dry to a depth of 6 feet. It’s also shock-absorbing and compatible with wireless charging.

Google Pixel 6 Case

The Google Pixel 6 is a flagship phone with a premium price tag, so it deserves a case that protects it from drops and scratches. A clear case like the Ringke Fusion lets you see your pristine phone in all its glory.

If you don’t want to hide your phone, consider a hybrid case like the Caseology Parallax. The textured back adds grip to the slippery glass back of the Pixel 6.

For a heavy-duty case, look no further than Otterbox’s Defender Series. This rugged case promises military-grade durability, and it even includes a front cover with built-in screen protector. For a less expensive option, Poetic’s Revolution is also a solid choice. This thick case has reinforced corners, covered buttons, and a raised lip to protect the camera lens and display.

Apple iPhone X Case

Apple’s most advanced phone deserves a protective case that’s as tough as it is. The LifeProof FRE series fits the bill with snow, rain, water, and drop protection up to 2 meters.

X-doria’s clear case has a large lip that protects the display when the iPhone is set facedown and offers military-grade protection with an impact-absorbing material. It’s also made from recycled ocean plastic.

Mous makes some of the slimmest waterproof cases around, thanks to a high-impact material called AiroShock that dampens the force of drops. The Limitless case combines carbon fiber or walnut finishes with this technology, making it a slim case that isn’t too bulky. It leaves the top and bottom of the iPhone uncovered, but doesn’t interfere with button use. It also has an extra back piece for clipping to your pants or bag.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

If you’re a fan of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 smartphone, you’ll want to protect it with a great case. Whether you’re hiking, camping or kayaking, a good waterproof case will help you avoid heartbreak and a costly replacement.

One of the best options is this grippy case from Catalyst, which can withstand drops up to 10-feet without adding too much bulk. It’s also slim and unobtrusive, ensuring the gorgeous form factor of the Galaxy S9 remains intact.

If you want something similar to the LifeProof cases, but don’t want to pay the price tag, consider this Galaxy S9 waterproof case from AMORNO. It’s got full body protection and is rated for use in water, shock, dust and dirt. It also supports wireless charging and has a kickstand for media viewing.

LG G6 Case

LG’s premium phones already boast an IP68 rating, meaning they can handle more than a quick splash or dip in the water. However, since phone damage resulting from water exposure is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, there’s no harm in adding another layer of protection.

This clear case is super slim and preserves the look of your device. It also offers decent drop protection without adding much bulk.

The Ringke Fusion is a great option for G6 users looking for reliable protection. It has a shock-absorbent TPU bumper and adds no bulk to your device. It also has precise cutouts for the camera, headphone jack, and buttons. It even meets MIL-STD-810G-516.6 standards for shock protection. It’s also available in several colors. The price is reasonable as well.

Sony Xperia XZ2 Case

If you’ve got a brand new Xperia XZ2 on the way, consider keeping it looking as pristine as possible with a clear case. They don’t add bulk and still allow you to enjoy the phone’s standout design, plus they help prevent fingerprint smudges and water damage.

For a more rugged option, try Ringke’s Onyx case. It has a dual texture back with a brushed metal and carbon fiber style, which looks great. It also offers comfortable access to the camera and fingerprint sensor with precise cutouts.

For a bit more functionality, check out KuGi’s Wallet Case Stand. The cover folds into a viewing stand and protects the Xperia XZ2 against drops, scratches, dust and dirt. It also has a card slot for carrying essentials and a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing.


Polystyrene Recycling NZ

We’ve all seen the Beaches and Waterways of Aotearoa littered with waste Polystyrene. It takes up a lot of space in Landfills, is heavy and, like all plastic, can leach toxic chemicals into the Environment.

This is why it is good to know that styrene, the main building block of polystyrene can be recycled!


It’s the stuff we know as ‘Styrofoam’, and it’s made from expanding beads of polystyrene plastic which are fused together to form a dense foam. It’s lightweight, but also an excellent insulator. As a result, we use it in everything from packaging to children’s school projects and food takeaway containers.

It takes thousands of years to break down in landfill, and when hot food or liquid touches it it starts to partially breakdown releasing Styrene and Benzene, which are suspected carcinogens and neurotoxins that can be absorbed into the bloodstream and tissues. So, never microwave your food in that to-go container!

The good news is that this incredibly versatile and affordable insulation material can be recycled right here in New Zealand. One of our major EPS manufacturers, Expol, has a residential polystyrene recycling NZ cube programme where you can drop off your domestic EPS waste at select Mitre 10 Mega stores and other locations across the country. It’s then repurposed into EXPOL Tuff Pods, Quick Drain, Under Floor and Therma Slab Sheet in a closed loop life manufacturing process.


The squishy white stuff used to wrap take-away food takes up a lot of space in rubbish bins, but it’s actually an incredibly versatile material. It can be found in surfboards, boogie boards and the protective packaging around fragile items such as televisions and computers.

Polystyrene is a challenging product to recycle because it doesn’t break down very easily and can be difficult to sort into a high quality recycled plastic. It also contains hydro chlorofluorocarbons, which are neurotoxic and have a massive impact on ozone depletion and global warming.

Fortunately, it’s now easier than ever to get rid of your Styrofoam waste without sending it to landfill by using the new drop-off point at Mitre 10 in Tauranga. The free programme is run in partnership with EXPOL, who repurposes the foam to make insulation and drainage products. Residents can bring up to two bags of clean EPS to the collection point, and the material is accepted from households as well as businesses.

Soft plastics

Soft plastics are a hugely popular packaging material, however they’re not without their downside. If they aren’t recycled correctly they can damage normal plastic recycling factories and end up in landfills and pollute the environment when they break down. They can also contaminate paper recycling streams, and are a significant cause of microplastic pollution which can enter waterways and be ingested by marine wildlife.

Soft Plastics are generally a yellow-lid bin item and include things like plastic bags, chip packets, bread bags, mail satchels and cling wrap. They should not be mixed with other materials in your yellow-lid bin as they can cause issues when they are processed at a materials recovery facility.

In New Zealand, Soft Plastics are recycled through the Love NZ soft plastics scheme which is run by The Packaging Forum. This scheme provides 69% of New Zealanders with a drop-off point. The collected bags and wrappers are then recycled into a range of products including fence posts at Future Post in Waiuku and into ducting by Second Life Plastics in Levin.

Other plastics

Polystyrene is best known as a component of Styrofoam drinking cups, take-out “clamshell” food containers and picnic cutlery. It’s ultra-lightweight and cheap but is structurally weak, leaking styrene (a possible carcinogen) when heated to release toxins into food and drinks. It’s also non-biodegradable and takes up a lot of landfill space.

Plastics that have a recycling triangle with a number one on them are recyclable through kerbside recycling. That includes clear and coloured PET plastics, milk bottles, cleaning products, some meat trays and punnets for berries and tomatoes.

A new collection point for household EPS in Mangawhai is open thanks to an initiative from interior installer Matt Strong. He has partnered with Mitre 10 Mega and EXPOL to provide a collection point for households to drop off their household Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) packaging for reprocessing. The EPS is repurposed into new products including tuff Pods, Quick Drain, Under Floor and Therma Slab sheeting. It’s the first EPS recycling in the north of the country.


Sex Dolls Australia

Sex dolls are a fetish product whose promotion encourages misogyny and sexual entitlement among men who use them. They objectify women and harm women, as demonstrated by global research.

In Australia, child-like sex dolls are classified as tier 2 goods under the Customs Act and are illegal to import or possess. Offenders face a minimum penalty of 10 years in prison.

What is a Sex Doll?

A sex doll, also known as a love doll or silicone sex doll, is essentially a doll that looks and feels like a human body. It can be used for sexual stimulation and is available in both male and female styles, as well as gender non-conforming models. The dolls can vibrate, and some have removable heads.

Most sex dolls are made of either silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials provide a good mix of durability and lifelike feel. They are not cheap, however, and quality does vary.

The sex doll market is not for everybody, though. There is still a strong stigma around the toys. The dolls are sold to single men and women, couples, as well as people with disabilities or parents of disabled children who need a companion.

Those who are interested in sex dolls should choose a supplier that offers a money-back guarantee, high-quality products, and customer service. The best suppliers also offer a variety of accessories, including cleaning and maintenance tools, as well as a secure storage solution for the doll.

How do Sex Dolls Work?

The most advanced sex dolls are designed to respond to touch, with sensors detecting pressure on erogenous zones such as the hips, breasts, mouth and crotch. They can also detect when the user is about to ejaculate and moan as they reach simulated orgasm.

Many sex doll owners role play with their silicone companions, posting pictures of them doing chores in their kitchen in T-shirts and panties, snowboarding in sporty gear, or lounging poolside in string bikinis. Some even narrate X-rated tales of passion and pleasure.

However, the rise of sex dolls has come with increased concern by lawmakers and law-enforcement agencies. It is believed that sex dolls can encourage patterns of escalation from child pornography to contact offending with children by providing a bridge between fantasy and reality.

Are Sex Dolls Illegal?

Sex dolls Australia that appear to be a young child or girl are illegal to buy and own in Australia. This is because they are considered to be child abuse material and the purchase of them can result in up to ten years in jail. Australian Border Force officers at airports and mail facilities are actively targeting these sex dolls and investigating those who attempt to import them.

In September 2019, new laws came into effect making it a Commonwealth offence to possess child-like sex dolls and parts. This is because they are viewed as encouragement for paedophiles to commit sexual offences.

Dolls that appear too small are also deemed to be illegal as they can cause serious physical and psychological harm to children who see them. This is why most manufacturers have a height limit and only sell life-sized dolls or smaller if they are specifically for adult use. If a seller is selling a doll that appears to be too small, customers should contact the manufacturer and ask for clarification.

What Do Sex Dolls Cost?

The price of a sex doll can vary a lot. There are four key factors that will determine its cost. These include the material, the size, and how realistic it feels. Quality also plays a role in the price.

The most common type of sex doll consists of TPE or silicone. These are the industry standards and offer the most realistic feel for users. Rubber or latex are cheap alternatives but they break down quickly and smell badly after repeated use. They are also porous and pose a risk to health because bacteria or fungi can get trapped inside.

In addition, the bigger and more detailed a love doll is, the more expensive it will be. This is because more materials are required to build it. In addition, a lifelike doll requires sculpting and painting which takes time. This is a big reason why top-quality dolls from leading manufacturers are the most expensive. But, they are well worth it for lovers seeking a realistic and long-lasting experience.


The Growing Importance of IT Cybersecurity

In a society that is more technologically reliant than ever before, cyber-attacks are on the rise. This growing threat requires dedicated cybersecurity efforts to consistently repel thieves.

Hospitals must shift away from treating cybersecurity as a standalone technical issue that falls under the domain of their IT departments. Instead, they need to incorporate it into their existing enterprise risk management, governance and business continuity frameworks.

Information Security

With the ever evolving technological landscape information security is becoming more and more important in companies. It helps to prevent information and systems breach owing to various reasons like unauthorised physical access, unauthenticated cyber attacks etc. This type of framework includes identification, classification and mitigation of vulnerabilities within an organization’s software and networks by implementing various IT security tools.

It also includes policies, alerts and monitoring to help an organization to prepare for keeping their critical business system online in cases of a cyber attack. Another significant part of it cybersecurity is disaster recovery and business continuity which entails establishing processes, plans and techniques to enable an organization to recover from any kind of IT or Business incidents including cyber attack.

Other aspects of information security include ensuring that sensitive data is encrypted for protection from hacking and other threats along with robust authentication and authorization procedures. This is especially important for e-commerce websites and other sites that store personal information from consumers.

Communication Software

Various systems and apps work together to help people exchange text, audio and video messages and files across the cloud or local network. These programs include file transfer protocol systems, email and chat apps, and messaging software. These can be standalone programs that you control or managed services you purchase in a subscription form.

Having robust internal communication software in place improves daily operations for your organization and saves time tracking email trails or scheduling meetings. It also aids in boosting productivity and helps with accountability and transparency.

Having strong disaster recovery and business continuity planning in place provides tools and processes for how an organization should respond to cyber attacks or other unexpected events. These should be designed to ensure critical operations remain online and operating at the same level as before the event. It also includes user education and conducting security reviews, such as penetration testing and source code analysis. These help identify vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Internal Research

While external research is usually conducted by a third party, internal research can be just as valuable. In fact, it can be more affordable and efficient than hiring an outside firm. Plus, it can help prevent the leakage of information or intellectual property to outside sources.

Internal research can also be used for product testing and surveys. However, it is important to remember that any type of research that involves human participants should be given serious ethical considerations, whether external or internal.

With more and more data being digitized, cybersecurity experts are needed to protect the digital assets of organizations. Whether it is called cyber security or IT security, these experts are trained to use best practices and tools to ensure the safety of digital data and technology systems. Interested in learning more about this career path? Gateway’s IT – Cybersecurity Specialist program offers hands-on experience with networking, operating systems and virtualization. Apply for admission to the program today!

IT Processes

IT processes relate to the design, implementation and maintenance of information technology systems, including software, hardware, networks and databases. They also deal with the management of IT personnel. They help ensure that the IT systems are secure, reliable and efficient.

Some of the most common IT processes include managing service requests, IT operations and software development. Other processes are dealing with IT security threats, business continuity and incident response.

IT teams need to be able to communicate with each other effectively, which is why they need a platform that can support their workflows. Pipefy’s low-code automation software makes this possible by standardizing processes. This reduces the number of back-and-forth emails and allows IT to manage projects more effectively.

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field that can be affected by various factors. These include operational disasters like server failures, network connectivity issues and power outages. Also, a cyber attack can occur through phishing, suspicious URLs and email attachments.


Massey Childcare Centre

Massey childcare centre is a not-for-profit early learning centre. It provides children and families of staff and students from the university with a high-quality, well-priced, conveniently located service.

Leaders and kaiako are embracing an internal evaluation to identify improvements in the care of children. This is a welcome development and supports them to reflect on their practice with a research lens.

Tara McLaughlin

Tara McLaughlin is based in Costa Mesa, CA. She works for Toyon Associates, a healthcare reimbursement company that employs 39 people. She has a background in HR and is a C-Suite level executive. Her job responsibilities include overseeing the company’s human resources functions.

Snr Const McLaughlin leaves behind her husband Sean and sons Harry and Flynn. She also worked with NSW Police Legacy, a charity that supports past and present police and their families in times of need. Her death has been met with widespread sadness. A Facebook post on the organisation’s page has received thousands of comments in tribute to her life and service.

The authors would like to thank the children, their whanau and the Early Childhood Education Centres for their participation in this study. This research was approved by the Massey University Human Ethics Committee (Northern A, 15/36). The consent form was signed by all participating children and their parents. The research was financially supported by BestStart Educare.

Vicki Gifkins

A New Zealand born and bred writer of fantasy adventure novels, Gifkins is also an Early Years tutor and research coordinator at Massey University. Her research interests include intentional teaching with a social justice and gender equity lens. She teaches children in childcare, kindergarten and home-based services and is passionate about the importance of meaningful relationships with infants and toddlers.

The centre’s teachers use their understanding of the Community of Practice model to support children’s inquiries. This enables them to develop a deeper understanding of their teaching practices and how they contribute to children’s learning. The teachers’ courageous analysis of their video-recorded enquiry interactions has strengthened and deepened their understandings.

The centre has two sections, Pukeko and Kiwi, for infants and toddlers up to three years old. Each section is self-contained and has multiple double doors that lead to outside play areas, doubling the space available for inside and outside activities. The staff love their new ‘home’ and say the children are adjusting well to their new environment.

Linda Clarke

Linda Clarke is a senior tutor and research coordinator in ECE at Massey University. She has taught in a wide range of early childhood services and her current research is exploring intentional teaching with a focus on social justice and gender equity.

Karyn Aspden is a lecturer in ECE at Massey University. Her career began as a teacher in various early childhood services, then moved into initial teacher education and her current research is focused on toddler pedagogy and social-emotional learning.

All participants in this study were fully informed about the aims of the research, any potential demands and discomforts involved and had the opportunity to withdraw their participation at any time. This research was approved by the Massey University Human Ethics Committee (Southern A, 15/36).

The ECE Parents Council

The ECE Parents Council is a group of parent representatives who serve on the District Preschool Planning Council. They work to identify specific community needs, outstanding concerns and current issues that impact the preschool program. They also help to prioritize these issues and determine the best ways to address them. They can also help to provide the resources and support necessary to implement high-quality preschool services.

ECAC members should also participate in the development of a comprehensive community needs assessment (CNA) that asks detailed questions with usable information to obtain a thorough understanding of the most pressing issues in the district. They should also work with the district leadership team to develop a District Operational Plan, which includes an annual budget for the preschool program.

Kaiako and leaders are developing a culture of evaluation that focuses on continuous improvement. This includes establishing internal evaluation processes, such as observation and reflective dialogue. The results of these activities have strengthened, deepened and affirmed the teachers’ understandings of the teaching practices they use with their infants and toddlers.


How to Go About Leather Recolouring

Leather recolouring can make old furniture look new again, and it can help extend the life of your favorite piece. However, it is important to know how to do it properly.

Professional leather colour restoration companies colour damaged leather so it looks as though it is new. The process is done in a specific sequence to ensure the repair is permanent.


Leather recolouring is a complex process that requires specialised products to ensure correct preparation, even application and quality sealing. It is a skill that should only be attempted by qualified professionals.

Firstly, clean the surface well and remove any old top coat. This will allow the dye to penetrate into the leather and give you a better finished result.

To do this you will need to apply a deglazer. Fiebing’s Deglazer is suitable for this task and will strip away the old finish and colour, allowing you to recolour the leather.

The next step is to apply your dye, you should use a water based product as solvent based or oil based colorants will cause irreparable damage to your leather. You will need to apply several layers of dye until you reach the desired colour. Upon reaching the required saturation, you should let the leather dry before applying another layer.


Leather recolouring is a great way to update and refresh your furniture. It covers up blemishes such as sun exposure, dirt, and stains that can leave your leather items looking old and worn.

The dyeing process is a delicate one that must be done correctly to ensure quality results. It involves many steps and specialised products, so it is best to have the work carried out by professionals to avoid mistakes and achieve high-quality finishes.

Before dyeing, it is important to make sure that the leather has been cleaned of any dust or other extraneous material. This will help the dye penetrate into the surface more effectively and provide better results.

Once the leather is clean, it can be dyed using any number of methods. The most common is dipping, but there are other options as well.

To keep dyeing as mess free as possible, use a cloth or sponge to apply the dye to the surface of the leather. This is a good method to get the color you want and ensure it covers all of the areas.


Sealing is a good way to prevent leather dyes from wearing off and maintain their colors. It can be done easily at home and does not take much time or effort.

After applying dyes to your leather piece, it is important to leave it to dry for a few hours before sealing. This step will help protect the underlying leather and moisture the natural fibers, which can make the color last longer.

The sealer may be a natural product such as beeswax or a synthetic one such as Resolene. It should be applied evenly to the leather item and left to dry completely before buffing to a shine.

The process can be used to seal any dyed leather that has been made by hand or purchased from a craft store. The best sealer will provide a layer of protection against water and other elements and will not change the look or feel of the leather.


Leather is a surprisingly durable material when cared for properly, but over time it can be damaged by scratches and stains that can leave the leather looking tired and old. A little recolouring and some minor repairs can make your furniture look as good as new again.

To achieve this, we use specialised products that encompase a number of steps to ensure correct preparation, even application and quality sealing. These are all performed in a highly professional manner by our team of trained professionals who can undertake the job from start to finish in one visit.

The process involves sanding the leather to remove loose material and prepare the surface for application of color. This is to allow the new finish color coat material to absorb into the leather and “take root” to become permanently embedded.


Duvet Inner NZ – What Are the Different Types of Pillows?

Duvet inner NZ are made from a light weight fabric shell with a soft fill. They are able to regulate body temperature and help you sleep better and more comfortable night after night.

This duvet comes in a range of thicknesses for different seasons and is stuffed with the finest quality Synthetic down. It’s a great choice for a home collection or hotel bedding.


Wool is a natural superfibre that is breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and a Grade A temperature regulator. It is also odor-resistant and a sustainable choice.

This duvet inner NZ is filled with 100% New Zealand wool, which traps heat and regulates moisture, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Its GOTS certified organic cotton shell is smooth and noiseless, making it perfect for a good night’s sleep.

Unlike down, which is obtained from geese and ducks through live-plucking methods that cause pain and distress to animals, wool is sourced ethically by farmers who compassionately extract the extra coats of sheep and goats.

The clusters of natural crimps in the fibers trap air and create an insulating effect that wicks away moisture. This makes the duvet an effective moisture management system and prevents the duvet from absorbing any dampness, which can disrupt your sleep.


Alpaca is one of the most luxurious natural fibres on the planet. It is softer than cashmere, smoother than silk and stronger than mohair. It is also lighter and warmer than wool.

It is hypoallergenic by nature, which means that it does not itch, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin. It is also a very good insulator, so your duvet inner NZ will keep you warm and comfortable in winter.

Another advantage of alpaca is that it can be used year round. It will adapt to the changing climate, so it will stay cool in summer and warm in winter. This is useful for hikers, hunters or people who go camping a lot.


Microfibre is a type of synthetic fibre that is used in a variety of different fabrics. Often referred to as the “miracle fabric” it has become popular with fashion lovers around the world and has made its mark in the textile industry.

It’s not just for clothing though; it’s also used to make furniture, rugs, pillows and blankets. It’s soft, absorbent and incredibly durable thanks to its tight weave and ability to resist liquid spills.

The microfibre is made from a combination of polyester and polyamide and the fibres are very fine. They’re smaller than a human hair and one twentieth of the diameter of a strand of silk, making them able to penetrate deep into surfaces to remove dust and dirt.

They’re particularly good at removing odors and mildew. They’re also anti-microbial, which means they don’t have to be washed regularly and are ideal for people with allergies.


Pillows are a vital part of a good night’s sleep. They provide support and can also be used to help prevent back pain.

They can be filled with different materials, including feathers and down. These fillings provide a soft, comfortable feeling and can be breathable.

You can also find pillow inserts in duvet inner NZ that are a great way to add extra comfort to your bed. They are available in several sizes and can be rolled up to give your bed a more plush look.

In addition, they can be made in a variety of colors and designs. This will allow you to choose a design that complements your bedroom decor.

If you want to buy a pillow, make sure that it is from a reputable company. This will ensure that it is chemical-free and safe for you to use.


Artificial Intelligence to Automate Inappropriate Image Detection

Inappropriate image detection can be a problem for any online business that needs to filter or flag potentially inappropriate user generated content. It is important to preserve your brand reputation and avoid legal action or a loss in revenue.

Inappropriate image detection can be done with the help of artificial neural networks that take features as input. This is a complex problem that requires extensive training data.

Feature Network

Inappropriate image detection is a vital issue in preventing users from sharing images that are inappropriate to their social network. Fortunately, artificial intelligence (AI) can help automate this process by analyzing images to detect inappropriate content, saving organizations time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually.

Typical image detection techniques use convolutional neural networks to extract input features and classify or predict output images. These features are typically made up of a series of digital filters that transform the image into a specific representation. The results are then passed through a set of pooling layers and a fully connected layer.

A typical feature network consists of a feature extraction layer, a classification layer and a regression layer. The feature extraction layer works by applying a series of digital filters to the image and producing a feature map, which is then passed to the pooling layers. These filters are designed to detect particular patterns in an image, such as edges and texture. The pooling layers then transform the neighboring pixels and decrease the dimension of the image.

The image quality score is then derived from the feature vector extracted by the feature extraction network. This feature vector is then fed into the regression network to produce a classification or prediction result.

We compared our proposed method with other state-of-the-art methods. The results showed that our approach is more effective than the others in detecting fake face and general images, which can be used to identify inappropriate content.

Our proposed CFFN is trained using the pairwise learning approach and is then concatenated to a classification layer to detect whether the input image is fake or real. The obtained experimental results show that our method significantly outperforms other state-of-the-art methods for detecting fake images.

The proposed CFFN is also capable of improving the generalization property of DeepFD, which helps to improve its performance in detecting fake images. In addition, the proposed CFFN can be easily learned using a two-step learning approach. The two-step learning approach is similar to the one used in a reduced DenseNet.


Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) are computer algorithms or hardware devices that use a brain-like structure to process data. These networks are known for their enhanced learning ability, fault tolerance and enhanced processing speed.

ANNs work by using weighted input signals to connect processing elements or neurons. These weights are a form of neural activation that mimics electrical excitation of nerve cells in the human brain. This activates a neuron and the input signal is then converted to an output by that neuron.

When the ANN is given a training set it learns the input patterns by mapping them to outputs and adjusting the connection weights. This allows the ANN to adapt to new data and make intelligent decisions.

In addition to this ANNs are also able to predict unseen patterns in the input data, which is very useful for predictive modeling and forecasting. Unlike other predictive models, ANNs can take into account non-linear and complex relationships in the inputs and produce accurate results.

For example, in forecasting stock prices a traditional model will impose certain fixed relationships on the inputs. However, ANNs are able to generalize and infer hidden relationships on the inputs as well, which makes them more robust than other prediction techniques.

This is especially important when dealing with complex data such as stock prices where the data volatility is high and the relationship between inputs can be very complicated. ANNs are therefore an excellent alternative to traditional models and can be used to forecast stock prices in a more robust manner.

Another benefit of ANNs is their fault-tolerant nature as the information is distributed across layers and computation is done in real time. This is very helpful for applications where a single neuron might have a failure and cause the whole network to shut down.

Inappropriate image detection can be a serious problem, but with the right approach an ANN can be used to detect such images. ANNs can be trained on a large number of examples and are capable of recognizing subtle differences between different types of images.

Image based network

With the rise of social media, image data has become a major source of information on the Internet. This information can be used to automate content filtering and moderation processes, which saves time and money that would otherwise have been spent on manual content monitoring.

Inappropriate images can be found on many different websites and are a major cause for concern for a lot of people. In some cases, inappropriate images can be harmful or even dangerous. For example, they can contain obscene or vulgar messages or images that are not suitable for young children. In this case, the appropriate use of AI-based image detection can help to identify and remove these images.

The first step of this process involves pre-processing and data normalisation. This is to make sure that each pixel in an image has a similar distribution of brightness and contrast. This allows the model to learn about how each pixel should be characterized and can also speed up training the network.

Another important part of this process is feature extraction. This involves identifying different features that might be relevant when detecting nudity in an image. Some of these might be more useful than others, and so the features that are chosen must be carefully selected.

This can be done by analyzing the output of each feature and comparing it with the output of the ANN. Hopefully this will reveal which features are more important and which ones might not be worth wasting time on.

Having a good idea of what the inputs and outputs of an ANN should look like means that you can add more training cases to them in order to improve their performance. In addition, it also means that you can retrain them if you find that the result of the ANN is not what you want.

A lot of research has been done into image based networks and how they can be used to detect inappropriate images. This research has shown that image based networks are not only capable of detecting inappropriate images but can also help to automate content filtering and moderation tasks.


Inappropriate content in the form of images and video is a growing concern on the interwebs. A robust image moderation solution is a must to safeguard your brand and avoid a deluge of complaints from users. PicPurify’s AI powered content snooping algorithms are smart enough to flag the offending content using a combination of best practices and opportunistic behaviors. You’ll find a list of offending images in your Stream dashboard courtesy of your favorite image moderator. The best part? PicPurify’s top notch service is available to your customers at no extra cost, no strings attached. Try out a sample of our best of class service for yourself today.


How Much Does a Newborn Photographer Cost?

Whether you’re expecting or have just had a baby, newborn photography is a great way to capture those fleeting moments. You’ll be able to look back on your images for years to come and cherish your precious little one!

Stacey Lake is a Wellington newborn photographer who specializes in creating timeless heirloom products for your family. She will make sure your session is stress-free and fun!


If you’re looking to capture the big day or that elusive first cuddle with your new bundle of joy, a specialized newborn photographer wellington is a great place to start. They are highly trained in navigating the tricky art of baby cuddling, and can deliver a high resolution gallery of photos in no time flat. Some of them offer an on demand based service, which makes it easy to schedule your new bubba’s session right when you want it. A top notch newborn photographer will also offer a full range of complimentary products to make your photoshoot an event to remember. They will even have a dedicated baby concierge to help make sure all the little details are taken care of. The most important thing is to find the best photographer for you and your family.

Time of Day

If you’re planning a newborn photo shoot, it’s important to choose a time that works for both you and your baby. This will ensure that you’ll get a beautiful set of photos.

Newborn photography is a specialised genre and requires a photographer with exceptional skills in settling, calmly and safely caring for your new baby. A skilled newborn photographer will be able to work with your baby throughout the session to ensure that you end up with stunning photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Stacey Lake is a newborn photographer in Wellington, NZ who offers timeless heirloom products for families to cherish and enjoy. Her sessions are held in a relaxed, comfortable studio. She is known as Wellington’s baby whisperer and has extensive experience capturing a newborn’s precious first moments.


A newborn photo session is a great way to commemorate the birth of your baby. However, you may be wondering how much a professional session will cost you.

Newborn photography fees vary based on the photographer’s level of experience and equipment. Some photographers offer packages that include multiple locations and a variety of images.

The average newborn photographer wellington will charge anywhere from $100 to $300 for a one-hour session (that includes images). The more experienced photographers may charge up to $1000.

The price tag also depends on whether the session is an indoor or outdoor shoot. On location sessions are usually more expensive than studio-based shoots, but it is a popular option for many parents. It is also a good idea to ask the photographer about their turnaround time before booking. Ideally, you want the pictures from your photoshoot to be ready within two weeks of your session date. This is so that you can choose which ones you like best and get them printed or put into an album.


Newborns change so fast that it’s crucial to capture their first days and months so that parents can cherish them and reminisce on them later. These moments include smiles, coos and other priceless ones.

Creating golden love stories that become treasured family heirlooms is Jo’s passion. She has a decade of experience in maternity and newborn posing, and knows how to create stunning images that are truly unique.

She is Wellington’s baby whisperer and understands how to calm newborns so that they can be captured in their most natural state. She will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the session and that you end up with gorgeous photographs that you can enjoy for years to come!

Lifestyle photo shoots are a fantastic way to capture the bonding between your family and your baby. They are a great alternative to traditional in-studio posed newborn photography, and can be done anywhere that you like. This style of photography typically involves fewer props and uses natural light.