Back to Wall Toilet

If you’re looking for a stylish, contemporary bathroom solution then look no further than a back to wall toilet. The cistern is hidden within the wall or in a furniture unit, and access to it is through a chrome flush plate.

At BigBathroomShop we offer a range of back to wall toilet units that are ideal for modern bathrooms and en-suites. They come with a soft-close seat to prevent bangs and slams.


Back to wall toilets offer a simple and sleek design. This style is suited to contemporary bathrooms where minimalism is key. They also help to maximise space as they don’t require a pedestal, which takes up more floor room.

They also hide all pipework behind a smooth and clean single form. The cistern is connected seamlessly from a hidden water feed that runs in from the wall or furniture, giving them the edge over all other washroom designs when it comes to space efficiency.

The rimless design helps to ensure that there is zero space for germs to hide, enhancing hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom. There is a common misconception that these toilets are more difficult to maintain than other types but if correctly installed the cistern remains fully accessible, even in future when any maintenance needs to be undertaken. Tapron stocks a range of top brand back to wall toilets at competitive prices, so you can afford to indulge in luxury sanitary ware for your bathroom.


Back to wall toilets offer a sleek finish without the bulky water tank, ideal for contemporary washroom schemes. They come in a wide range of design options that allow them to suit most types of decor, including traditional styles.

Clean shapes that hide pipework offer a minimalist aesthetic, while the hidden cistern helps to reduce flushing noise. These cisterns can either be contained within the unit or within the wall itself, and a chrome flush plate or push button provides a sleek finishing touch.

If you opt for a unit-mounted cistern, the installation process is relatively simple and can be carried out by most plumbers. Choosing to hide the cistern within the wall requires more invasive work that should be completed by a professional. The streamlined look that back to wall toilets create can also improve hygiene in your bathroom, with fewer crevices for dirt and bacteria to build up in. They’re a great choice for smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms.


Back to wall toilets are incredibly popular due to their sleek and delicate appearance. They also offer a multitude of benefits including increased bathroom space and superior hygiene.

With no bulky water tank to conceal, the gap beneath your back to wall toilet is a perfect place to incorporate a stylish storage niche or even add a spotlight for a beautiful lighting feature. Back to wall toilets are also able to be fitted at various heights, which is especially useful for anyone using a wheelchair or walker.

If you’re looking to install a back to wall toilet without a unit, then the only extra consideration is a concealed cistern which is usually supplied alongside a streamlined flush button. These cisterns are also available with dual flush options to help save on your water bills. Browse the classy range of back to wall toilets at Tapron today. The perfect addition to any home bathroom, cloakroom or ensuite.

Concealed Cistern

In addition to creating a sleek minimalist design aesthetic, concealed cistern toilets are also easy to use. Unlike traditional domestic toilets where the flush button is on the side, concealed cistern wall-hung toilets have the cistern button built into the frame so that anyone can access it without needing to reach over the toilet bowl. This makes them suitable for the elderly or people with limited mobility.

Concealed cistern toilets are a practical solution too, as the hidden cistern means that the pipes behind the wall are not on show, making it easier to clean and sanitise. This is particularly important for commercial washrooms where the plumbing can be exposed to accidental damage and tampering.

This style of WC is becoming increasingly popular and installing one in your bathroom could add to its resale value. You can even personalise the look with a choice of push plates to suit your style.

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