Guideline for parents to select the best balance bike

First of all, balance bikes are perfect choices for birthday presents of your toddlers. Your child is guaranteed to love whatever balance bike you might choose for him or her. However, we understand that you want to give your child the best bike that suits him or her and meet specific criteria of them. Usually, you read balance bike reviews but is it really effective?
 Understanding your concerns, we are available to find out this question which means figuring which bike will be your child’s favorite. One thing to remember is that all balance bikes have no pedals, sprockets or chains. Your child just has to put feet on the ground, walk, run and finally glide feet-off.
This article will give you most basic information that might help you to narrow down choices.  The most important rule to remember is measuring your child’s inseam because it needs to be long enough to reach from the ground to the end of the bike. Make sure you measure the length of inseam when your child wears shoes, starting from floor, ending at crotch. The bike’s starting seat height should be equal or half 1 inch shorter than inseam’s length for toddler to easily handle.  After researching for some models, as well as reading reviews on pages, we’ve got an idea of more detail and pictures of each balance bikes so that you will not be overwhelmed by choices. Let’s narrow down.

1. Metal balance bike:

– For very young toddler (from half a year or under two). They can start at seventeen to eighteen months
– Recommendation:
Strider Prebike’s 2 versions of Classic and Sport are outstanding for really low seat height (at about 11” – 16.5”) and low starting point of handlebar. Furthermore, it is one of the lightest bike available on market with the weight not reaching 7 pounds.
The Kinderbike’s E-series Air and Laufrad Mini are good consideration too. Their seat ranges from 11 to 16”, pneumatic air tires and adjustable handlebars. Although the Laufrad Mini owns a handbrake while the E-series doesn’t, the E-series is lighter, even with air tires too.
– Versatility: your child can enjoy it up to and age of 5 before they can completely move to the pedal one.

2. For toddler from three half a year to four:

– How to measure for the bike: both the height and inseam should be collected for choosing the bike. 12” Balance bikes, medium to large size, has good brands such as FirstBIKE , Kazam, Mini Glider, Scoot, Early Rider Evolution, and Morph. You can easily find charts that display height of each brand’s model and the matching height of child. Most bikes are designed for kids  at 3 years old, which is an average standard.
– How to choose:  16″ or 12″ bike?
The most commonly asked question is how to and when you should choose an 16” over a 12” balance bike. The popular precise height of kids is unknown but the minimum height is about 44 inches and that’s enough to handle the 16” bike of GO Glider .
If their heights are somewhere between 43″ to 44″ but they are four, measure their inseam for better decision.
– Recommendation: Tykes Bykes 16″ which has provided nearly 14″ frame now also provides small 16″ bike for children around four or four and a half to eight years old whose inseam is 17” or taller. What is more, handlebars can be adjusted up, down , forward and back generously.

3. Kids from 44” or taller

Recommendation: Go Glider 16” bike is only good for child at least 44” to manage.  The Tykes Byke 16” is smaller than the Go Glider 16” and the 16″ Strider is the biggest among the three. So the height of your child should be at least 46” to ride them.
The Kinderbike Morph version 2 is slightly big 12″ bike (seat height of 12 – 19.5″) that is added pedal feature. Since most 5 year-old kids transit into 16” pedal bikes so the Morph model can be geared towards kinds 5 years until they reach 5.

4. Tip

Don’t overdo and look so far in the future where your now 30” toddler grows into a 46” one. That big bike you end up buying will rust before your child get to that age. A present should be used in the present. If it’s too big, your child will feel unconfident to manage. You want them to have the first positive impression on biking
There is always a size for every kid. Just measure their inseam and go for the nearest store . It’s not much difficult to choose now, isn’t it?
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