How to choose the best pack and play

Currently on the market there are many types of pack and play that will be difficult for the mothers to decide whether to buy for your sweetheart. Here are some features to consider of the pack and play for you to consult before making a decision on your best pack and play.

With many different styles available on the market today, choosing a standard application for your baby is easy. However, in deciding to buy a pack and play with functional requirements, many parents have difficulty… So what are the features of the pack and play to be concerned?

Safety first

The versatile types of pack and play meets all safety standards are strict posed by importing countries and those standards in order to protect the safety of your baby: Wood is usually made of pine, birch, beech and oak; slat rails are usually made of wooden slats or grid reliably; The bar distance should be no more than 0.5 to 0.85 cm, to avoid that the child cannot slip or get stuck between the bars. The paint is shiny and uses unleaded paint, not harmful to the baby.

Sliding (folding) or fixed bed rails?

Export crib bars are inevitably and often have 02 categories: fixed and sliding (folded). No matter which category, it must also ensure the safety standards for baby and convenience for mom. The sliding (folding) type is not used as hinges or latches because they are not safe and the baby can get a scratch or fallen hinge causes danger.

The step of lifting the pack and play and the mattress

The usual pack and play usually have 2-3 or 4 steps of lifting to change the height according to the age of the baby. High-lift hiccup for a newborn baby, the other steps are used when baby starts to sit, stand, and talk for older. The thickness of the mattress for safety should be about 10-15 cm, too thin mattress also makes it difficult for the mother to put the baby inside or lift them off the pack and play if it is too thick, it is not safe for the baby.

Wheels or not

Pack and play with wheels typically are smaller and most all types of functional pack and play are converted into a sofa bed and have no wheels. You do not need to use the wheels because most versatile types of cribs cannot move out of your bedroom door.

Need the swinging function for baby to sleep?

Most moms need a pack and play that swings to coax the baby to fall asleep. This is not entirely true because the conditions for the baby to sleep include: babies have enough meals and enough milk needed due to their age, they needs a cool room (not too hot or too cold) and quiet. In contrast, as recommended by the Association of American family doctors, parents should not use cribs can cradle swinging sharply in children under 2 years of age because it may cause shaking baby syndrome (SBS); do cause permanent brain damage. Today, the most versatile types of pack and plays have no longer the function of swinging.

Switching function?

Almost all exported types of versatile cribs have the function to convert into twin beds and sofas for children in order to save cost and time for longer use.


You should choose a flat cushion and fit the crib area. Consider get rid the stuffed animals, toys of the crib when the baby is sleeping to avoid that the baby is suffocated by pressing the toys on their face.

Tip: If you accidentally buy the crib with the too wide distance between the rails, insert fabric, strapless cushion in the middle of the railing.

With the cushion, please note that it must fit the pack and play; otherwise, the baby can be stuck between the mattress and the bars of the crib. If the buffer is too small, use more towels or cloth between the cushion and the bars of the crib.

When the baby gets older, get rid pillows, toys of the crib, because they can step over them to climb over the cage and may fall.

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