Massage for pregnant women

Massage for pregnant women has become relatively common in recent years. Initially, it was limited to groups of women like the therapists. But now it is considered pregnant treatments effective for reducing discomfort in general in women during pregnancy. Recently, the scientific basis for the benefits of this work has been studied and proven, although many pregnant women seem to have known this for a long time.

Who can perform pregnancy massage?

If you are thinking about finding a massage during pregnancy, it is important to keep in mind is to find a qualified person with expertise in this field. You can ask the midwife, the obstetrician, looking in the phone book for reference. You can also search on the internet a few contacts. Also, ask a relative or friend who had been pregnant can also give you good address. Once you find pregnancy massage specialist, ask their qualifications or training they have undergone.

The elements of massage during pregnancy

One of the most common forms of massage during pregnancy is to use engineering principles based on Swedish massage because this technique has important benefits in reducing muscle tension and improve blood flow, lymphatic drainage line. (Additional explanation: lymphatic vasculature is a different system of the transport system fluid circuit through the body. The lymph vessels related to the transport of excess fluids, foreign objects and materials from the cells and tissues of the body. Therefore, this system is related to the disposal of waste and the specimens are capable of causing damage. here, the lymphatic vascular system operates closely with blood, especially with the white blood cells called lymphocytes, they are essential for the body’s defense against disease.).

Some massage therapists use aromatic oils and burning aromatherapy to enhance the quality of experience of the senses. However, you need to avoid using certain oils because they can influence the creation of uterine contractions, including mint, thyme, basil, sage and rosemary. It is better that you can use therapeutic massage with oils odorless or low odor.

The ratio of the skin surface is exposed to during a massage is dependent on your wishes. Some women feel comfortable wearing very little clothing while others like the skin and the body are covered. It’s mostly a psychological sense because if you can cover less of the benefits received from the more than a massage. Thus, the massage therapist pregnancy should be exposed to as much surface area as possible to your skin.

The difference of massage during pregnancy

Pregnancy massage is different from the usual massage because there may be some risk if stimulus to some special pressure points. These points are located in the wrist and ankle, massage up they can cause the uterus stimulates contractions. The person who performs massage therapy also requires a degree of sensitivity and tenderness to a positive effect on the baby.

Some couples are registered service massage therapy for both of them and take it as a good way to connect and enhance their emotional links. You may also find that massage therapy is available only to the two massage techniques that can and try both.

Appropriate posture

There is a slight difference in the standard of equipment needed for pregnancy massage. Body position during prenatal massage is very important to maximize the effectiveness and benefits of it. Many experts and health massage recommended reclining position during the implementation of this activity.

The present study encourages the use of standard massage table, rather than the use of the table with a small hole to fit the pregnancy. Because of these openings, the bump can be swung without a lift and stretch the ligaments causing the uterus. However, if you use the table with a hole or a pillow, it should not use more than 10-15 minutes.

You should also contact the therapist massages before making appointments to make sure you will be in any position during the massage.

Do not massage in the supine position when you have exceeded the first three months of pregnancy because it may affect the stomach. The massage therapist should also have a series of pillows and foam cut to support your tummy and avoid muscle tension.

Some therapists also offer massages at home and portable massage table with folded size only with a suitcase. If you feel unsafe or unstable while lying on a massage table because of the size of the stomach, talk to a therapist. In this activity, you may decide to choose the most comfortable for your body.

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