Replica Designer Furniture in New Zealand

If you’re looking for designer furniture in New Zealand, you’ll find a range of great options at various price points. These include reproductions, wood furniture and replicas. If you’re in the market for some contemporary and elegant pieces, you might want to consider Studio Italia and Douglas & Bec. Both New Zealand-based design duos create furniture for homes and offices, and the company has showrooms in Auckland and Melbourne. Their work blends natural materials to create elegant forms and a balance between poetry and tactility.
Replica furniture

A number of people prefer buying replica designer furniture online in New Zealand. They can choose from a wider selection of styles and get better deals. However, finding replica designer furniture can be difficult due to the large number of copies in the market. However, here are a few tips that can help you pick the right replica:

First of all, make sure you choose the right quality. If you are going to purchase a piece of furniture by an artist, you’ll probably want to make sure it will last for many years. This will increase the value of the item. If you’re planning to sell it, a replica is probably more practical. If you’re moving house frequently or have pets or children, replicas may be a better option.
Wooden furniture

Throughout the twentieth century, New Zealand manufacturers produced a wide range of wooden furniture. Many pieces of furniture were made from native woods, such as kauri, but designers soon began creating more sophisticated pieces. In the 1970s, a new style of furniture emerged, called ‘new colonialism.’ Cottage industries fashioned products from recycled native timbers, such as discarded kauri logs from the Northland swamps. Some designers, such as Michael Smythe, were inspired by the colonial style of furniture. Michael Smythe, for example, created a Bentube chair that was offered in polished chrome and enamel colors. This chair was part of a line of furniture for Hawke’s Bay Tourism.

While the demand for this furniture remained modest, workshops serving the bespoke market continued to operate in New Zealand. Among these, the iconic David Trubridge designed a collection of chairs that reflected his understanding of Polynesian culture. The Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson offered short courses for students interested in learning traditional woodworking techniques. And, while New Zealand’s design industry was still in its infancy, the region’s furniture industry thrived.

There are many different types of reproductions of designer furniture. Some of these are highly sought-after, museum-worthy pieces while others are just copies of well-known designs. No matter what the type of reproduction, it’s important to be aware of the differences between authentic and replica pieces.
Studio Italia

Studio Italia designer furniture NZ is a boutique that brings the best of Italian style and craftsmanship to New Zealand homes. It is owned by Valeria Carbonaro-Laws, an Italian native who spent her childhood in Milan. Originally, she planned to work for a family law firm. Instead, she realised that her passion for art, design and Italian craftsmanship made her want to open her own boutique.

Studio Italia represents some of Italy’s leading furniture design brands. It is renowned for its style and innovation and is known for its high standards of production. Their mission is to bring this quality design to New Zealanders, and they do it in style. Their beautiful boutique showroom offers the very best in Italian designer furniture, kitchens and wardrobes, accompanied by impeccable service.
Mr & Mrs Ward

MMW Home is a bespoke furniture and cabinetry business, founded by Julian and Janice Ward. This husband and wife team specialises inĀ  Auckland designer furniture. Its focus is on functionality and effortless style. If you want to create a stunning home, then you should look no further than MMW Home.

The Wards have been creating one-off cabinetry for over a decade. They started by sketching out a design for a TV unit on the back of a power bill. Their daughter has a very specific request, though – a Scandinavian-styled dolls’ house with routed cut-outs.
Allium interiors

Allium interiors is one of Auckland’s leading interiors stores, supplying a stunning range of modern and classic homewares from around the world. They source items locally, in Australasia and from Europe. They also stock the latest designs from renowned international brand Sanderson Glasshouse. Their range includes traditional and modern designs, and customers can find an assortment of contemporary fabrics to match their decor.

When it comes to purchasing a piece of furniture from Allium Interiors, New Zealand customers will find a range of payment methods that can suit any budget. They accept Visa and Mastercard for payments, as well as Internet Banking and Laybuy. If you are paying by credit card, please keep in mind that the advertised price will vary from the amount charged on your credit card account. This is because Allium Interiors must convert your purchase into New Zealand dollars at the exchange rate of the day you make your purchase.
Soren Liv

Soren Liv designer furniture is made from solid timber and has a huge range of styles and designs. The company’s philosophy is to create beautiful furniture that lasts a lifetime. They pride themselves on using sustainable materials and using traditional craftsmanship with innovative ideas. You can visit their Auckland showroom to see what their furniture can do for your home.

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