Seven Golden Rules Of Nutrition For Pregnant Women

Balanced and nutritious diet are factors that have a significant effect on the health of both mother and baby, especially the development of the baby during pregnancy and after the baby is born. Here will be 7 dining principle that elected mother should consult to get a great pregnancy as standard with little angel of yourselves

Adjust Your Diet

Most pregnant women need more protein intolerance, some vitamins and certain minerals such as folic acid, iron and calcium in particular. If the current mode of your nutrition not meet these criteria, you should adjust immediately his diet to ensure the health and development of the fetus.

However, eating more quality does not mean eating more than you ‘. If it has an ideal weight at the start of pregnancy, the first 3 months, you do not need to load where extra calories. Then you need to load additional 300 calories per day in the next 3 months and 450 calories per day during the last 3 months. If you are admitted or underweight, you will need to load or less than the amount above, this will depend on your weight goals.

Say No To Harmful Foods

Pregnant women should stay away from seafood such as oysters, sushi or salad fish, unpasteurized milk and cheese made from unpasteurized milk or cheese, also known as soft as Brie or Camembert and Mexican cheese she like and Panela; and raw poultry. Because of this kind may contain bacteria that are not good for the fetus.

Nearly all fish contain mercury or certain metal elements and this will have a damaging effect on the brain development of fetuses and young children. Dietetic Association recommend that pregnant women should consume about 300-400gr fish per week, equivalent to about two meals a week.

Experts recommend that you should give up alcohol, the cocktail category during pregnancy because they can cause deformity, disability, learning disability and emotional problems in children.

For beverages containing caffeine, you should consider to reduce or suspend the drink itself. Especially, if you experience anything unusual when using this material in the first three months, you should refrain from using it. In the case of “cravings” so, you should try to decrease the amount used to avoid side effects such as headaches. Caffeine not only in coffee but also implicit in teas, soft drinks, and carbonated soft drinks and chocolate, too, the mother should pay attention

Take Vitamin And Mineral Supplements Before Birth

Depending on the demand for nutrients during pregnancy, you will have to consider whether to add the nutrients from drugs. So many times, the daily diet will not provide the body with essential nutrients. In fact, many mothers still need the help of drugs vitamin-mineral supplements for pregnant women to ensure that the body is supplied with sufficient nutrients needed.

With strict vegetarian women and of some diseases such as diabetes, gestational diabetes, anemia or low birthweight had before, to talk to your doctor or nutritional consultant to have a nutrition plan fit is essential.

If you have problems with swallowing vitamin, you can replace them with powder can chew or dissolve in water. A good rule to remember when you are taking medications nutritional supplement was “involved whispered”. Absolutely not overdose of any vitamin, mineral or herbal remedy without consulting your doctor’s permission as it would bring incalculable harm to the health of you and your baby.

Do Not Diet During Pregnancy

Dieting during pregnancy many potential dangers for you and the baby for weight loss is not simply to reduce the weight of your body, but also affect the amount of iron, folic acid and vitamins and minerals other essential substances.

Weight gain is one of the positive signs of a healthy pregnancy. Women with a healthy diet and weight gain science will give birth to healthy children. Therefore, if you’re eating a “hardship” and slow weight gain, you should review offline. Remember that you are not only eating for a person somewhere.

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