Six Fruits For Pregnant Mother That Should Eat Daily

Pregnant mothers should eat fruit should eat to have a healthy pregnancy, in addition to other factors, the diet of pregnant mother plays a very important role, besides the important nutrients like protein , starch, fat. In the diet for pregnant women should be added daily to their full range of vitamins and minerals naturally found in fruits 6 election mother should eat daily to maternal health, good for the baby as follows:

And now I will help you know fruits should eat every day that is good for pregnant mother.

Apples Are Fruit Pregnant Mother Should Eat Fruit

In fruits, the result of it because of this fruit contains many vitamins such as acid, tannin … eat more apples can keep the mother gourd shape, avoiding overweight and obesity fetus while helping a good resistance right from the womb too. Therefore you can not forget to add this fruit into the daily diet offline. However you should note that the apples you should eat all the skin in order to preserve the nutrients inherent in it, on the other hand you can eat fresh or drinking pure water pressure is very good jog.

Avocados Are Good For Pregnant Health

Butter has long been considered for mothers because of an avocado contains high levels of folate in preventing fetal malformations in very well, not only that in avocados also contain vitamin B6 sources, A, E, D abundant help pregnant mothers to strengthen the body’s immune system, fight pathogens, increase the metabolic activities of the body. More particularly, pregnant mothers should eat avocados regularly using a few ripe fruits mixed with fresh milk, yoghurt for facial will see skin becoming smooth, ruddy, lush lot more vitality there light.

With mother elected avocado can be eaten raw but it is best to grind the students good butter combined with milk, fresh milk, yogurt and lemon juice a little longer to enjoy all the taste of this fruit

Grape Fruit Is Ripe Gourd Mother Should Eat

This is very good food for pregnant mothers and their unborn babies whose mothers elected to eat regularly every day. In ripe grapes contain a lot of vitamin A, vitamin B, flavone compounds, folate, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, … work rate control metabolism in pregnant women, visual development infant from the womb, complete gene cells, and reduced risk of dangerous cramps for pregnant mothers.

With this fruit, you can eat fresh, water pressure or mixed with yogurt, daily meals are delicious and nutritious.


With sweet taste, slightly sour, strawberries have become the favorite of a lot of elected parent. In fruits contain large amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins B, C, zinc, folate, potassium, manganese, fiber is essential for the protection of health, beauty and the mother elected comprehensive development of the baby after This, and phytonutrients present in strawberries also capable of protecting cells very efficiently. Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat strawberries every day to stay healthy for the mother, infant good offline.

With strawberries, you can eat fresh, water pressure, and blenders are very delicious and nutritious, you should also change the way food every day to be able to eat better, better nutrient absorption offline.

Ripe Bananas Are Fruits Mother Should Eat

In ripe bananas contain more natural sugars such as fructose, sucrose, glucose, providing a burst of energy for the body, potassium is abundant in bananas will protect pregnant mother from cramps very popular in time pregnancy, mother and help elect more agile, more responsive, more cheek mood very much. Moreover, pregnant mother eating bananas helps reduce anemia in iron, bananas can stimulate the production of hemoglobin can stimulate the production of hemoglobin in the blood.

In particular, ripe bananas have a laxative effect very efficiently; this is an effective remedy to help mothers overcome elected constipation common during pregnancy too. That is why experts recommend that pregnant mothers should eat bananas daily nine regular jog.

Fresh Lemon

This is a very popular fruit, commonly found in refrigerators of many families because of its versatility, not only that many pregnant mother loves sour fruit used throughout pregnancy. Not only has the effect of cleaning, mouth, stimulates the appetite mother election, in fresh lemon contains lots of natural vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, C, thiamin, niacin, calcium, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, copper , manganese, acid, vitamin B6, …

Therefore, you should use every day a glass of fresh lemon juice mixed with salt, sugar to promote the optimal effect of this fruit during pregnancy period.

Besides the different nutritional food, supplements to pregnant mothers flexible, case reviews, moderation 6 fruits gourd mother should eat daily to above may improve health, beauty and good mother for growth comprehensive development of the child later. However, when mothers eat fruits noteworthy election to choose fruit with clear origin, and pickled, fruits thoroughly disinfected before use then, if not the fruits absorb excessive amounts of pesticides deep not only bad for the mother and baby on balanced but also increases the risk of children with birth defects are dangerous.

Have a healthy pregnancy

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