Some common baby feeding problems and how to tackle them

If you are tense or if your baby is stressful, you could end up having quite a tough time feeding them. Feeding problems are something you cannot avoid but you could learn how to deal with them so that they don’t take up too much of your time. Here are a few of the common feeding problems along with some simple solutions for them:

Problem 1: Poor positioning during breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is supposed to be a special time for babies and their mommies. But there is time, especially in the first couple of weeks, when mothers may have some trouble. The baby may not be able to latch onto the breast properly. This is a crisis which occurs usually when the mother’s breasts are full of milk. This engorgement makes them hard and flattens their nipples which make it hard for the baby to latch on. To solve this problem, you need to first relax yourself. Make sure you have proper support for your back, arms and shoulders. Sit somewhere comfortable. Calm your nerves. Then position the baby so that their head and body are facing your breast with their mouth at the nipple level. Cup your breast using your hand to express some drops and pull them close. You could consider using a pump too. Nipple shields can prove quite helpful too.

Problem 2: Noisy bottle feeding

If you hear sucking noises which are too loud, it may be because your baby is taking too much air in. The nipple’s flow in the bottle may be too fast or slow too. All you need to do here is cradle them at a 45-degree angle. Just don’t forget to tilt the bottle so that the nipple and bottle neck always have milk.

Problem 3: Gagging

It is quite normal for babies to gag. This is an automatic reflex so as to avoid choking. It does make feeding a little more challenging though. You should never force your baby to feed when they don’t want to. As far as bottle feeding is concerned, check to ensure that the hole inside the nipple is the correct size and has appropriate flow.

Problem 4: Spitting up

The digestive system of a newborn baby isn’t fully developed and this means that their esophagus will work a lot slower than that of adults. This will result in air something getting trapped with their food and this will cause some of it to come out through their mouth or nose. To prevent this, make sure they are in calm surroundings while feeding. Reduce any disruptions during this time since the chances of them ingesting air is maximum when they are agitated. Cradle them in the upright position. This will give the food an easier path to the stomach. Don’t forget to burp them after each meal as well. Make sure that their clothes and diaper aren’t too tight so that they hinder their air circulation. And lastly, do not play with them immediately after feeding. Always hold them in a vertical position or prop them up.

Problem 5: Creating a mess

Mealtime is going to be a lot of fun for babies, so be ready for a lot of stains and spills. That’s why it is essential that you are ready for them 24×7. What you can do for this is to invest in a high chair, preferably one which is covered with vinyl. Get a nice and large bib for them too so that their clothes stay protected. If you are feeding them something runny like soup, thicken it using wheat. Use a blende for any hard to swallow foods to make them mushy. This will make them hang on to the spoon better and will avoid spills. Use bowls that have anti-slip bottoms so that the food stays on the highchair instead of falling off onto the floor.


So you see, there are some really simple solutions to all the problems associated with the feeding of babies. So what are you waiting for? It’s time you took this task on with confidence. You do have all the tools you need now don’t you.

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