Top 7 good foods for weaning babies

When you baby begins the age range of eating solid foods, it is very important to know which foods will suit and good for them. However, in the modern life, not all mothers have much free time to cook meals for their child. Thanks to vacuum sealer, they can cook many delicious meals for baby and store for a few days. The best vacuum sealer can hold foods in even 10 days. Back to the good food issue, in this article, we will advise you 7 good foods for baby.

White radish

This is considered ginseng infant weaning age jog. White radish is sweet, cool. rich in vitamin C, calcium, fiber and protein a little bit is good for baby’s health at the same time, radishes contain natural sweeteners, help her soup tastier delicious, attractive, stimulating baby’s palate . Feeding mothers can radishes when they are 7-8 months old to give your baby the nutrients needed, effective in a curing cough, sputum, preventing harmful viruses.

With this food you can peel, boiled or steamed feeding diced pieces of soft materials help children eat better, plus you can give to your baby’s meat porridge or mixed security radishes, onions, potatoes , kohlrabi to get fresh water porridge for the baby are very good for health and stimulates the appetite of effective baby jog.


Food is an important and indispensable for weaning your baby’s menu, because it contains a nutrient content is very rich; help children develop the mental and physical. At the age of your baby solid foods difficult to chew the meat so it’s best to chopped beef and porridge and stewed pureed baby food or water intake tunnel porridge for the baby is also very good jog.


Pumpkin is fleshy, softly sweet, delicious, attractive, not only in the pumpkin contains many essential vitamins and minerals such as fiber, beta-carotene, protein and potassium supplements work for nutrients age baby solid foods very effectively. You can cook the pumpkin soup with other ingredients before feeding pureed or cooked into porridge miles with green beans, lotus-seed sweet taste stimulates the appetite for delicious there. Pumpkin very good though and completely harmless to baby skin from being fed contaminated food or gold, you should only eat pumpkin baby up to 1 day 1 was ok.


This is very good food for weaning babies in age because it contains a rich content of fiber, digestion enzymes, calcium and potassium, manganese, vitamin C helps babies develop bone, considerable height next. With processed foods when you need to feed your baby carefully peeling away the eyes and part of pineapple pulp inside and diced pickled with sugar feeding, extraction of pure water mixed with drinking infant milk will uphold its multi-use jog.

Citrus fruits

The citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C naturally, antioxidants should be very good for the development of the baby, it is effective in improving eyesight dry strength, enhanced resistance, improved health, teeth, skin, and bones of the baby. Therefore, when at the age of weaning your baby should juiced fruits for babies to drink every day, can add sugar, sweetened milk to stimulate the baby’s taste than light, while larger babies bit, you should also citrus peel citrus fruits into smaller pieces and feeding fiber supplements gradually to body’s there.


In foods that contain high levels of plant protein and fiber, it has little ability to support the growth in height and improve the immune system is very good for the baby’s health. You can use finely ground peas feeding as the other grains in porridge stewed or smooth, pureed baby food are very consistent.

The dark green vegetables

Including spinach, spinach, green spinach, kale… There in iron and vitamins, beta-carotene is good for your baby’s health.

When processing vegetables for the baby, you should only choose the best young green leaves, steamed and pureed baby food porridge. In particular, you should be eating home-grown vegetables or sourced to ensure to avoid the negative effects of pesticides, preservatives harmful to health and digestive system of young immature then, Do not forget to soak the vegetables through salt water dilution before processing to remove toxins maximum damage, ensure safety when feeding .

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