Traveling while pregnant

As a general rule, when the pregnancy is not considered to be a great time to travel.

Should pregnant women travel or not, it is all based very much on how healthy of both mother and fetus. However, according to the doctors, pregnant women should only travel restrictions for a period of 6 weeks of the end of pregnancy.

Buying travel insurance is the first thing you should think about, especially when traveling abroad. Medical expenses in some countries can be very expensive, and if you go into labor early, you may have to pay thousands of dollars for the hospital.

Traveling while pregnant, the appropriate time

The best time for you to go with the baby in the womb is played between 3 months of pregnancy, but your belly at this time was a growing but still quite pleasant to you traveled. In particular, more favorable at this time, the morning sickness began gently away so you will feel more comfortable even with moving away.

If possible, make arrangements so that his trip has been more about short rest. Ideally, you should find a place to be able to stand up, walk around, easy to find the toilet, the bathroom as needed, set a few light exercises to relax the body. In doing so, you will enjoy completing his outing. You should remember that ordinary women can only sit in one place within a maximum of 5 or 6 hours, then you need to sit up, walk around New avoid fatigue.

Dress, prepare yourself the clothes fresh colors, materials and designs simple, comfortable, pleasant. While traveling, if your feet are slightly swollen ankle a bit, do not get too worried then, only for quite a long time and you do not travel a lot only.

Traveling by plane

Some people mistakenly believe that the cabin has low pressure can cause premature birth in pregnant women was finished. Another idea for that low oxygen levels in the cabin is not good for pregnant women, and you should avoid flying if possible. However, all of these are incorrect.

The fetus is protected by the wall of the uterus have a lot of very thick and padded with a layer of amniotic fluid. Mother’s body will adapt to pressures and changes in the external environment. Therefore, the baby in the womb will not be affected.

However, you should give priority attention to the choice of seats on the plane. You should let the airline know you are pregnant to get seated position as well as flight safety and comfort really.

Some airlines have restrictions for pregnant women for complications or multiple pregnancies boarding. Maybe they will ask you about your doctor’s ANC paper.

The phenomenon of blood clots

If possible, you can place a chair next to the aisle to stand up and walk easily. Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) – a blood clot appeared phenomenon, a phenomenon easily occurs in women who are pregnant. The best prevention is, stand up and walk. Stretching the toes, drink plenty of water and wear loose clothing will help you to avoid this phenomenon.

Travel by boat

Seasickness is a common phenomenon but keeps in mind that you should not take anti-seasickness without the permission of the doctor. A good tip for you is to use ice acupressure and acupuncture points located at the wrist above, fresh air and look like sitting on the deck and look to focus on the far horizon.

When you eat the food served on board, are absolutely avoided frozen meats and salads made available, as they can potentially Listeria dangerous for both mother and fetus (this is poisoning bacteria food poisoning and can cause miscarriage mother). Let’s just eat hot foods, do not eat the food looks fresh no, wrong.

You should only drink water from sealed bottles intact. Ice, water, brush your teeth and wash fruits and vegetables can make your belly wrong if they are not clean.

Traveling by car

During pregnancy, there will be times you do not want to use a seat belt when the car. You worry that pressure from seat belt may have an adverse impact on the baby or the placenta. This is just your feelings and we have absolutely no scientific basis. Remember that seatbelts will make trips of both mother and baby are very much safer.

You should bring some food to prepare for their own, including snacks.

Traveling by bus, public transit

Try to arrange it so that you are always guaranteed a seat on the bus. In the first month of pregnancy, before the bump becomes clear, you are often difficult to be understanding and give way from other acts with him. But when larger vote, you will need to make room when boarding.

If you must stand for long periods on the bus during the trip, sometimes you remember to move legs back and forth a bit and not really a place to stand for a long time. If you need more exercise, go off at 1-2 before destination station and walk a little. Walking distance was ideal as an exercise and helps you keep your weight stable.


Remember to check the vaccinations before traveling abroad. You need to know that the woman should not use these vaccines have lived bacteria; make sure you consult your doctor before making this vaccination.

Also, check out the website warns of local disease or health problems to know what should be vaccinated when you arrive there.

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